Local Workshop in Ethiopia

Workshop details:

Date and time: 7 March 2017, 08:30-17:30
Location: Capital Hotel and Spa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Language: English

The full-day Stakeholder Outreach Workshop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia was designed to promote dialogue and to gather invaluable information on the impact and application of the EU’s Everything But Arms (“EBA”, the arrangement within GSP for least developed countries) in Ethiopia towards integration into the Final Report of the Mid-Term Evaluation of the EU’s GSP.

Around 60 stakeholders from government, industry and civil society took part in the workshop. Notable ministries and organisations participating in the Workshop include the Ministry of Trade of Ethiopia, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation of Ethiopia, the Ministry of Industry of Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority, the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce, the Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association, the Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association, the Confederation of Ethiopian Trade Unions, the Ethiopian Development Research Institute, the Ethiopian Economics Association and the Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute.

High Level speakers presented their insights on the EBA’s impact in Ethiopia including H.E. Dr. Bekele Bulado, Honourable Minister of Trade, Ethiopia and H.E. Ms. Chantal Hebberecht, Ambassador and Head of the European Union Delegation to Ethiopia. Representatives from the European Commission and the Project Team shared background information on the GSP, the objectives of the Mid-Term Evaluation, and the preliminary findings of the Evaluation with respect to Ethiopia. Other presentations addressed the economic, developmental, social and human rights and environmental impact of the EBA in Ethiopia.

Throughout the workshop, participants were provided with the opportunity to learn more about the EU’s GSP, and to comment on the preliminary findings of the Mid-Term Evaluation with respect to Ethiopia. The workshop featured two break- out sessions to focus more in-depth on the environmental and social and human rights impact in Ethiopia. These break-out sessions aimed to promote intensive discussions amongst stakeholders and to gather a variety of perspectives on these issues.

The workshop featured a good mix of government, industry and civil society stakeholders who were very enthusiastic about sharing their views on the EBA in Ethiopia. Overall, the workshop in Addis Ababa has been characteriszed by the interesting discussions and resulted in valuable feedback for the Mid-Term Evaluation.

Workshop materials

Workshop Agenda
Press Release
Workshop Report


1. The GSP Mid-Term Evaluation: Objectives and Methodology – Dr. Willem van der Geest, Mid-Term Evaluation of the GSP

2. The EBA: Ethiopia’s Perspective – Mr. Yishak Tekaligne Taye, Ministry of Trade

3. EBA: Preliminary Findings and Introduction to the Case Study of Ethiopia – Dr. Willem van der Geest, Mid-Term Evaluation of the GSP

4. The Development Impact of EBA on Ethiopia – Mr. James Wakiaga, United Nations Development Programme

5. The Social and Human Rights Impact of EBA on Ethiopia – Mr. Tadele Derseh, Vision Ethiopian Congress for Democracy

6. The Environmental Impact of EBA on Ethiopia – Dr. Wubalem Tadesse Wondifraw, Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute