Local Workshop in Bolivia

Workshop details:

Date: 25 April 2017
Location: La Paz, Bolivia
Language: Spanish (with Spanish-English interpretation)

The full-day Stakeholder Outreach Workshop in La Paz, Bolivia was designed to promote dialogue and to gather invaluable information on the impact and application of the EU’s Special Incentive Arrangement for Sustainable Development and Good Governance (“GSP+”) in Bolivia towards integration into the Final Report of the Mid-Term Evaluation of the EU’s GSP.

The workshop gathered 52 participants from government, industry and civil society. The workshop provided a framework to discuss the preliminary findings of the study and to raise overall awareness of the EU’s GSP+ in Bolivia. Furthermore, stakeholders were encouraged to provide input on the economic, social, environmental and human rights impact of the EU’s GSP+ in Bolivia.

High level speakers presented their insights on the impact of the GSP+ in Bolivia, including Mr. Horacio Usquiano Vargas, Director General, International Economic Cooperation and H.E. Mr. León de la Torre Krais, Ambassador and Head of the of the Delegation of the EU to Bolivia. A representative of DG Trade shared background information on the GSP scheme and representatives of the Project Team presented the preliminary findings with respect to Bolivia. Other presentations addressed the economic, developmental and social and human rights impact of the GSP+ in the country. Participants shared invaluable insights on the functioning of the GSP+ arrangement in Bolivia. Furthermore, the implementation activities as well as the main difficulties with adherence to the international conventions were discussed as part of the workshop.
Workshop materials

Agenda Borrador Del Taller
Draft Workshop Agenda

Comunicado de Prensa
Press Release

Workshop Report (English)

Reporte del Taller (Español)


1. The GSP Mid-Term Evaluation: Objectives and Methodology – Emily Hemmings, Mid-Term Evaluation of the GSP

2. The GSP+: Bolivia’s Perspective – Mr. Sergio Alberto Fernández Ruelas, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bolivia

3. GSP+: Preliminary Findings and Introduction to the Case Study on Bolivia – Mr. Ignacio Reneses, Mid-Term Evaluation of the GSP

4. The Environmental Impact of GSP+ on Bolivia – Mr. Ignacio Reneses, Mid-Term Evaluation of the GSP