The Project Team

The Project Team of the Mid-Term Evaluation of the GSP has core experience across the economic, social, environmental and human rights dimensions. The Team has a strong understanding of these cross-cutting issues, both in isolation, and when considered together. Accordingly, the Project Team will produce analysis that builds upon a broad understanding of the impact of the GSP in respect to each of the thematic areas, developing a holistic view of the impact on the beneficiary countries. Additionally, the Project Team has considerable knowledge of and experience in trade, trade law and policy and preferential market access, including the EU’s GSP, as well as in stakeholder consultation.


Team Leader: Mr. Willem VAN DER GEEST
Mr. Willem van der Geest is an independent consultant specialised in business and trade, market access issues and sustainable development. He has longstanding experience on cross-cutting issues such as trade and environment, climate change and economic policy design (i.e. employment and labour markets). He has broad experience working with developing and least developed countries.

Mr. Van der Geest was the lead author of the International Trade Centre (ITC) flagship report on market access and transparency in global trade, presenting unique survey analyses of non-tariff measures and voluntary standards, as well as implementation of duty-free and quota-free market access for least developed countries, including the Everything But Arms arrangement.


Senior Modelling Expert: Mr. Michael GASIOREK
Mr. Michael Gasiorek is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of InterAnalysis and Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of Sussex. He has longstanding experience in economic and trade policy analysis. Mr. Gasiorek has produced and contributed to numerous reports on trade policy for DG Trade, including leading the 2010 Mid-Term Evaluation of the EU’s GSP. He has furthermore contributed to a range of academic journals, books and EU and international donor funded projects.


Senior Economic Expert: Mr. Peter HOLMES
Mr. Peter Holmes is the Co-Founder and Director of InterAnalysis and a Reader in Economics at the University of Sussex. He is a leading expert in economic and global trade patterns analysis and a leading expert on EU Trade Policy. Mr. Holmes has conducted research on trade, competition and regional integration for the European Commission, national governments and international organisations, including the World Bank, UNCTAD and UNIDO. He was involved in the 2010 Mid-Term Evaluation of the EU’s GSP.

Senior Social Expert: Ms. Kamala DAWAR
Ms. Kamala Dawar is an independent consultant in trade, international development and competition and a Lecturer in International Trade Law and Development Policy at the University of Sussex. She has longstanding experience conducting research in trade, competition, preferential arrangements, government procurement and consumer policy for the European Commission, universities and international organisations, including the WTO, World Bank, ITC-ILO, UNCTAD and OSCE. Ms. Dawar has furthermore contributed to the 2010 Mid-Term Evaluation of the GSP.


Senior Environmental Expert: Mr. Tony ZAMPARUTTI
Mr. Tony Zamparutti is a Policy Analyst at Milieu Ltd. with longstanding experience in environmental analysis. He has successfully led numerous studies, including evaluations and impact assessments, for the European Commission, European Parliament and other EU agencies. Mr. Zamparutti is the Project Director for the ongoing Study on the impacts of the EU’s sectorial policies on tropic deforestation and forest degradation for JRC.


Senior Human Rights Expert Expert: Ms. Philippa JONES
Ms. Philippa Jones is the Managing Director of China Policy Beijing. She has longstanding experience in the impact assessment of human rights, labour and social conditions across sensitive and emerging markets. Ms. Jones has led and coordinated research and analytical works for diverse public beneficiaries and private sector clients. In her recent work, she implemented projects for the ILO, WHO, UNDP and has delivered sustainability assignments in diverse contexts including South Asia, China and the Pacific Rim.


Junior Economic Expert: Mr. Adam BLESER
Mr Bleser, is a Researcher at the Center for the Study of Economy and Society, Ithica New York. He supports the GSP Evaluation with his extensive experience in the field of economic research and analysis for international trade issues. As a junior economic researcher at DS, he participated in various DG TRADE funded projects, where he conducted research and analysis on China’s raw materials to support WTO investigations and providing research for the Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA) for the Canada-EU Trade Agreement Negotiations. Mr Bleser holds a PhD in Economic Sociology from the Cornell University and a Masters of Economics from Lund University.


Junior Data Analyst: Mr. Andres MARTINEZ
Mr Martinez is a Data Analyst for DS Beijing and supports the GSP Mid-Term Evaluation with his experience in research and data analysis . Mr Martinez has worked in Ecuador as a Data Analyst in the Public Investment Direction Unit of the National Development and Planning Secretariat and as a Research Assistant in the Faculty of Economics of the Pontifical Catholic University. He is active in the field of Economics and International Trade and has been actively involved in the Tastes of Europe and the EU Gateway to China Projects.


Project Manager: Ms. Emily HEMMINGS
Ms. Emily Hemmings is a Project Manager at the DEVELOPMENT Solutions Europe Ltd. Brussels office. She has extensive experience in the implementation and planning of EU-funded projects and Trade Sustainability Impact Assessments (SIAs). She has acted as the Project Manager for the Environmental Goods Agreement SIA and was involved in the EU-Myanmar Investment Protection Agreement SIA. Prior to her current position, Ms. Hemmings generated research outputs for the Paulson Institute on air quality in China and worked for the China Green Tech Initiative.


Project Manager: Ms. Lisandra COLLEY
Ms. Lisandra Colley is a Project Manager at the DEVELOPMENT Solutions Europe Ltd. Beijing office. She gained experience in the implementation and planning of trade-related technical assistance projects as Foreign Service Officer in Jamaica’s Foreign Service. She also has experience in trade policy research and analysis, coordination of partners and experts, stakeholder engagement, drafting reports and completion of other key project deliverables.


Research Coordinator: Mr. Jay BROHMAN
Mr. Jay Brohman is a Project Manager at the DEVELOPMENT Solutions Europe Ltd. Beijing office. He plays an integral supporting role in the development and implementation of new and ongoing projects, including those funded by the European Commission with technical input and assistance offered by DG Trade, DG CLIMA and DG Enterprise. His role involves technical research, coordination of partners and experts, stakeholder engagement, drafting reports and completion of other key project deliverables.